Ready Hire Job Tryouts

Screen, evaluate and certify candidates before hiring.

Job Tryouts systematically test role-specific skills and knowledge. Take the guesswork out of hiring.

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Fill that job nobody wants with somebody who really wants itFill that job nobody wants with somebody who really wants it

Job Tryouts: Hire Top Talent Without the Risk

Access a pool of pre-vetted, trained, and certified candidates to strengthen your hiring pipeline and fill open roles faster. Boost your job postings to access additional matches from Ready Hire’s candidate pool.

Reduced turnover

With more robust vetting and evaluation, Ready Hire produces hires that are less likely to turnover. This saves you severance payments, replacement hiring, and productivity costs.

Pay only for hires

Unlike recruiters who charge a percentage of salary no matter what, Ready Hire charges a small fixed fee per applicant. You only pay more if you end up hiring someone.

Applicants build skills

The Job Tryout process educates applicants on your business. Even those not hired become potential customers and brand ambassadors.

Opens up the talent pool

By focusing on skills over resumes, ReadyHire makes it easier to discover capable candidates that may lack a typical background. Job Tryouts let anyone with aptitude shine.

Experience candidates in action before hiring them

ReadyHire's Talent Boost gets you access to our pre-vetted candidate pool.

Pay only for matches you love. Give your hiring a boost with our certified talent who can make an immediate impact.

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We find them. We teach them. We certify them. You tell us what you need, and we deliver great hires ready to show you what they can do. You don’t pay until you make a hire.

Hands-on performance data

See candidate competency in real job scenarios through training programs and assessments. Assess how they would actually perform in the role.
This results in higher quality hires.

Every Ready Hire candidate profile includes an intro video, call recordings, writing samples, and comments from their training instructors.

Companies where Ready Hire candidates have been placed

The traditional hiring process is broken

High turnover, long timelines, and strained resources. ReadyHire's pre-hire Job Tryout fixes this by letting employers "try before they buy."

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